JuaraGCP Season 5 Selesai

JuaraGCP season 5 berhasil diselesaikan 😀 Alhamdulillah

Informasi JuaraGCP Season 5

Periode JuaraGCP Season 5 :
September 16, 2021 – September 26, 2021

Berhasil menyelesaikan 14 quest berarti dapat Tier 3 nih 😀

Lalu quest apa saja yang gw kerjakan waktu itu?

  1. Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud
  2. Data Science on Google Cloud
  3. Insights from Data with BigQuery
  4. BigQuery Basics for Data Analysts
  5. BigQuery for Marketing Analysts
  6. Data Catalog Fundamentals
  7. Exploring Data with Looker
  8. Build and Optimize Data Warehouses with BigQuery
  9. Create ML Models with BigQuery ML
  10. Applied Data: Blockchain
  11. Data Engineering
  12. Engineer Data in Google Cloud
  13. Scientific Data Processing
  14. NCAA® March Madness®: Bracketology with Google Cloud

Secara garis besar sih belajar Machine Learning, Data Engineering, dan Data Science ya pada JuaraGCP (season 5) kali ini.

Konfirmasi Email Tier!

Hello Ariq,

Well done in completing #JuaraGCP. Hope it was fun learning Google Cloud Technologies. You will receive your swag to your doorstep within 5-9 weeks. 

Note :
1. Only quests you completed within the dates of September 16 – 26, 2021 (dates incl.) and Quests mentioned in #JuaraGCP website were counted in determining the swag tier.

2. Please note that we would not be able to accommodate any change of address from your submission form. Thank you for your understanding.

Your swag tier is –Tier 3

Swags Update

6 Des 2021 dikirim email konfirmasi bahwa swags Tier 3 delay dikirim, okee

Congratulations on completing the Tier 3 swags!
We appreciate your patience while waiting for the swags. We are sorry to inform you that there is a delay in the swags shipment from our supplier, some of the swags delivery is expected to be done by the end of this year or on the first week of January. If you haven’t received your swags by the first week of January, please email us to follow up on your package.

We will keep you updated.


#JuaraGCP Team

Update 09 Januari 2022 : Swags sampai , Alhamdulillah

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